About Rhondda Taxis

About Rhondda Taxis

welcome to Rhondda Taxis, taxis, shuttles, private hire and airport transfer specialists in South Wales. At Rhondda Taxis we believe that excellent customer service and reliability are two very important factors necessary to be successful within the transportation industry. 

We understand the importance of trust within the industry, many often than can be counted we will be in postions where you place both your schedules, routines, trips, happiness and even your life in our hands and Rhondda Taxis have the experience, ability and dedication to accomplish these tasks. For those who are going out and will be having a drink you definitely need a transport establishment that you can trust.

We operate 24hrs, 7 days a week and offer the cheapest taxi, private hire and airport transfer services in the Rhondda and the surrounding areas. All our vehicles and drivers are duly licenced within the legal guidelines and we have an excellent safety record.  Rhondda axis also offer discounts to students and over 65’s for any journeys we undertake.

In addition to having impeccably clean and reliable vehicles, our drivers receive extensive training in people management and are extremely trustworthy so once you are in one of our vehicles you can be rest assured you are going to get to your destination safely, on time and without any worries of dishonest fare hikes.  Our service speaks for itself and the testimonials we have received show the commitment we have to our clientele and business.

1.  24 hours 7 days a week services

2. Cheapest First class services

3. Reliable taxi, private hire and airport transfer services

4. Knowledgeable and Licenced drivers 

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